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Finished Project: Crochet Hook Case
January 10, 2006, 11:44 am
Filed under: Sewing

Crochet Hook Case ClosedI don’t get much time to crochet, so I use any time available; I’ll crochet a few rows in the car, before class, after dinner, etc. I have a small drawstring bag that I’ve been carrying around with my yarn, hooks and pattern. However, I just kept my hooks in a plastic bag, and they kept poking holes in it and falling out.

So over this thanksgiving weekend I made myself a hook case. I actually made two but the first one didn’t fold over so my hooks had a chance of falling out (which defeats the purpose). I made it out of a place-mat, elastic and blue binding (all things I already owned). While it isn’t perfect (machine problems) I really like it, and it is very practical. I love making things I actually use!

Here’s what it looks like opened up:

Crochet Hook Case Closed

I got all those hooks at goodwill!! I got a few more for Christmas, so there are only a few slots left.


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That is absolutely gorgeous, I love the colours and the flower print, it’s very stylish.

Comment by Zana

That’s ferociously gorgeous! I would make one as a clutch. I gotta make something like that.

Comment by dollfacekatrina

great idea…the elastic is a GREAT tip. think I’ll go and make one for myself!

Comment by mojosmama

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