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Finished project: Balut. Wait, whaaa?
January 26, 2006, 11:43 pm
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Balut in shellThis little guy needs a bit of an explanation…. A few weeks ago, some good friends of mine gave me a brand new bottle of Grey Goose vodka, for no reason at all. So to show them my appreciation, I decided to crochet them some things. The girl was obvious; I made her some cupcakes (because she is so sweet) and plan to make an ice-cream cone when I can find the right yarn. The guy was a little bit harder… What would a guy like?

He is quite an unusual person, the kind that tells bizarre stories and you cannot quite tell if he is telling the truth or pulling your leg. I am usually hoping he is pulling my leg but I have a feeling most of the stories are actually true… So I had to think: what is the weirdest, craziest thing I could ever crochet?

And then it hit me. Inspired by this chick, I decided to make… Balut!

For those not familiar with balut, it is:

A delicacy of Southeast Asia and especially the Philippines, a balut is a fertilized duck egg with a nearly developed embryo inside that is boiled and eaten in the shell. Their high protein content is complimentary to the consumption of beer.

From Wikipedia.

I used a blue-ish fuzzy yarn from Target and a pale yellow yarn. Everyone I show him to gives me the weirdest looks…

Balut out of shell
He can come out of his shell to play.

Balut hat
He likes to wear it on his head and pretend he is a soldier.

Balut flying
He also likes to play superhero and pretend to fly!


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That is so adorable! Would you be able to send me the modified pattern? I would love to make some penguin chickies.

Comment by KinkyLilBlackDress

Wow! That is so cute, in a bizarre sorta way! I would love the modified pattern too, it’d be fun to make one for my nephew. ^^ Love the soldier pic, that’s just too adorable! ;3

Comment by Shy-Faerie

omg, i was just browsing thru your site and this caught my eye. i’m filipino, and i think this is the most hilarious thing ever. it’s so cute and so creative!

Comment by charliane

lol, that is so cute!!!

Very creative and well done ^^

Comment by Fallen13


Comment by leahfu

This is REALLY cute! I too was wondering if you’d be willing to share the modified pattern. If so, I would LOVE to have it.

Comment by Jessica

this is completely adorable and SO clever.
I have a Filipino friend who would love this – because my attempts at crocheting have been disastrous I was wondering if you were selling these anywhere? if not, i’d be willing to pay for a custom little balut. 🙂

Comment by Melanie

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