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Finished Project: Baby Bunny and Birdie!
February 25, 2006, 2:22 pm
Filed under: Amigurumi, Crochet, My Projects

I decided to crochet instead of do homework this week. While it increased my academic related stress, it filled that gaping hole in my soul that I get when I don’t make anything. I used the rest of my purple Joann’s Angel Hair that I made the ruffle scarf with. I love using up scraps!

I made an amigurumi style baby bunny, and another birdie (since I donated all my others to charity). I’m not sure I like the bunny’s face but it was the best I could do.
Momma Birdie
Here is momma birdie. *Chirp Chirp*
Baby Bunny
And baby bunny.

Birdie and Bunny
Momma birdie tried to feed baby bunny, but I’m not sure if bunny really wants what she is offering…

Edit: The bird pattern is from here (alternative wing pattern), and the bunny is from this booklet, although it is so simple I didn’t actually use it. I don’t recommend the booklet though, it is not worth the price; poor quality and the patterns aren’t special.


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How cute! 😀

Comment by greenlightsabers

i like your cute bird and rabit soooooooooooooooo much .can i have the pattern pls ?

Comment by beena

Love your ami! i have the same book i didnt even use it cause the patterns were so simple if u make your own ami then u shouldnt buy the booklet.I was taken away by the photo thinking that there is going to be ami style patterns from japan.I think it is nice thjat the author put out a book but like u said it is too much for such a small book with no colour picture when i got it in the mail i was like omg this is the same book i saw on annies attic.My fave is the geiraff.

Comment by jenn

So cute animals

Comment by Theresa Plourde

: (

I tried the bird pattern from that website twice, TWICE, and all I got was an ugly semi circle that in no shape or form looked like a bird (because it says not to join rounds!). Is there any way you can provide pictures/diagrams of what the bird should look like when you begin it, in the middle, and when you sew it together? I’m a fairly okay crocheter, and I can read the pattern, but I’ve no idea where I’m going wrong

Comment by Carly

I also tried the bird pattern and it didn’t turn out to be like a bird. I don’t know what I’m doing wrong!!

Comment by Diana

Love your creations. I agree about the booklet, nothing special and over priced. People would be better off using the money to order patterns thru Etsy.

Comment by carefreecrafter

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