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Feed the Cats!
July 6, 2006, 4:06 pm
Filed under: My Projects

Right now, I’m staying with my parents for the summer to save on rent until school starts.  My mother, father and I all wake up at different times, and so figuring out who gets to feed the kitties is sometimes difficult. No one is really sure if they have been fed or not, and because they require medication, it is dangerous to skip or double a meal. To help alleviate confusion, I made this little sign:

Feed the cats

I printed it out, and glued it to one of those free magnets dentists and such give out. The intention was that if the cats are unfed, you place the magnet on the fridge. However, our new refrigerator is stainless steel, and is not magnetic. Whoops. Hey, at least I tried!


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