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Cables on a Knitting Loom
September 5, 2006, 9:49 pm
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I tried knitting about three or four years ago. I got pretty good at knitting scarves, and my tension was nice and even. But I didn’t like two things about it:

1. It was slower than all heck.

2. It made my elbows hurt like no other.

Cables!The day I found the Knifty Knitter was the day I put down my knitting needles. I know, most knitters would kill me on the spot if they heard this! I will try again… someday.. But, the only thing that has really kept me longing to knit was cables. I love the look of cables!

Now, a wonderful person has a great tutorial on how to create cables on a knitting loom!!! So now, who knows when I’ll ever pick up those needles;)


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Wooohooo, let me know how they turn out and if you need any help along the way. The knitting looms are life savers :).

Comment by Isela

The knitting looms bug me :). I love knitting regularly. For me it’s the exact opposite: crochet hurts my elboes.

Comment by Vivian

I love the Knifty Knitters. I teach at an elementary school and last year I started a group of second graders knitting. Some of the kiddos had problems with the needles, so I bought a couple packs of Knifty Knitters. I can whip out little hats in a staff meeting.

I can’t wait to learn how to how to do cables.

Comment by Lady S

Here’s a link to how to crochet cables!

Comment by Linda S.

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