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The reason for my neglect…
December 5, 2006, 11:25 pm
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Is that I have been busy crafting for my local craft fair. I had been working my fingers to the bone trying to make enough stuff to sell! I did it to help out a school club I’m in, called Roteract. Roteract is a community service club on campus, and does many wonderful things to help out the community. The leftover items are being posted (slowly but surely) to my new store,

‘Chali’ is the combination of our two pet’s names, Chewie and Ali. After a while, we got lazy and just started combining them! Since my brother, sister-in-law and I all created items for the booth, we felt that Chali was a fitting name. It sure sounded better than “Jaronate” or “Arojesate!”

Walnut and Beech ringsOur main item are these wonderful handcrafted wooden rings. We spent over four months just perfecting the technique for creating these. They are very durable, and really a joy to wear. They are finished with beeswax, which makes them water resistant and gives them a soft, natural sheen. We are working on finding the perfect lacquer also, but since it will be resting against your skin all day, we don’t want anything unnatural or with irritating additives.

I will also be adding the remaining scarves, jewelry and handmade greeting cards. A portion of the profits will go to continue to support Roteract!


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