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Tutorial: How to Make a Greeting Card Gift Box
March 13, 2007, 12:11 am
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While cleaning out my room, I found one of my little gift boxes, and couldn’t remember how I had made them. However, I did remember that way back when I had created a tutorial for them and posted them online. I searched my computer and found it! I wrote this tutorial way back in 2002. The pictures are a bit sloppy, but they get the point across.

So you wanna make a paper box, huh?

You can create this box with just about any paper, but I prefer old greeting cards. The thick cardboard makes a sturdy box that (usually) doesn’t require any tape or glue to keep it together.

Step 1

First, rip or cut the card down the fold. Be sure to keep the back, since it makes the bottom of the box. You can make the box as big or small as you want, but I usually use the width of the card as the dimensions of the card. Using this measurement, cut the card into a square. The center of the square will be the top, so try to center it around something you like on the card. (For this example, I centered it around Santa’s bag; there’s a small chipmunk in it)

Step 2

Turn the card over and draw lines from corner to corner.

Step 3

Fold each corner to the center. Carefully crease each edge.


Step 4

Take the top and bottom edges and fold them to the center, carefully creasing. Once the top and bottom edges have been folded, open it up, and repeat on the other sides.


Step 5

Cut along four of the creases you just made. Only cut far enough to snip both layers of paper, no farther)


Step 6

Open the two corners that you just snipped.


Step 7

Grab the two points to the side of one of the open corners. Bring them together as shown in the picture. Take the corner with your other hand and wrap it over the two points.


Step 8

Crease the edges of the box. The four corners should meet in the center. To make the bottom of the box, follow the same exact steps as above, except make sure the square is around a quarter of an inch smaller. The thicker cardboard, the smaller the bottom square needs to be.



Once finished, you have a cute, unique box that carries a special meaning. Unfold it, and you still have the message from a loved one, written inside.



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