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‘Future-Baby’ Blanket
April 20, 2007, 3:47 am
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My brother and his wife off-handedly commented that they are “thinking of trying for kids soon.” So of course I got excited, and began planning the baby blanket! I have a multitude of very small balls of yarn all in the pastel-ish range of colors. Many are from my sister-in-law herself, and others are thrifted. Some are acrylic, some are cotton and some are ‘who knows’ (just not wool). I was inspired by the wonderful granny-along movement but I just couldn’t bear to make a granny square. They bring back memories of horrid orange-brown blankets that I just don’t want to delve into.

Instead, I’m using this as an excuse to play with texture. Each square will be a different solid color, and using a very wide range of patterns. I can’t imagine doing 50 of the same square, so I think this will help reduce the tedium. Below are my first three squares, un-blocked:

My Squares

They are very wonky but hopefully blocking will help straighten that out! I have learned that I need to go down a hook size for the slightly thicker yarn, but hopefully the size difference will be fixed when they are sewn together.

I’m on a no-buy kick for the entire year of 2007 (It really works! My stash is dwindling!) but once all the squares are finished I plan on edging each in a soft cream/white color, to prevent any clashing. We’ll see when I get there.

I feel that this will be a long, but rewarding project, and will use of all my small balls of yarn quite nicely. As I see it, I couldn’t possibly finish this in 9 months, so I might as well get a head start!


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Great job on the head start! Looks like this is going to be one fabulous baby blanket!

I’ve got one in my cabinet done in blue and purple and I’m just waiting to see if my friend’s baby is a boy or girl and I’ll trim it out appropriately. And I’ve started on a pink and orange one for another friend. And two more friends are expecting!

I’m excited to watch yours grow!

Comment by snarflemarfle

I found your site by accident, and I am so envious of your talent! I am loving these granny squares and was wondering if you could share the patterns with me. The granny squares seem to be making a comeback, but I cant get past the ones my great grandma used to make with ugly browns, oranges and greens….all in the same block format. I love the feminity of yours, and would love to make a purple one for my daughter!

Thank you!

Comment by Monica

I recommend you use the one with less holes. Little babies have tiny fingers and it is dangerous to have blankets with holes since the little fingers can get caught and that can affect the circulation on the fingers. Just an advice, I really like the third one.


Comment by Naty

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