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I Gnome You!
May 4, 2007, 3:49 am
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My super wonderful roomie and I got into a little innocent trouble. We stenciled a wee gnome, and thus there are gnomes spray painted all over the property. Don’t worry, we didn’t do it anywhere that caused damage. Just head scratches (“Why is there a gnome on the garbage can?”). I’ll take pictures on a sunny day:P

I discovered she has a thing for gnomes, even though she’s never heard of David the Gnome! So, I carved her a little stamp so she can have gnomes wherever she goes! It’s only about 1.5″ tall, and I’ll tell you, making sure I didn’t accidentally remove his little itty bitty eyes was a true test of my motor skills… I think I’ll make a set of stationary with him and give it to her as a set!

The first picture is my pencil sketch, and the second is the stamp:

Gnome sketchGnome and Mushroom hand-carved stamp
Sketch vs. Stamp

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i love the stamp! gnomes rock!!!

Comment by Jessica

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