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Life with a Porch is Fantastic!
May 16, 2007, 4:05 am
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Today was such a wonderful day. I wish I had been taking pictures but it was one of those days that you just don’t think about taking pictures. I can only manage pictures on holidays, if that.

Why was my day so wonderful? Well, I live in a big yellow house (really, we even call it the “big yellow house” when discussing it) and it has a porch. A real, live, southern colonial style porch.  We have a big comfy couch, and the railings are really benches. So it is just begging to have people lounge about. We also have a fancy-pants grill on this porch. Since it has been nice, my roommates and I have been having barbecues every day.  We’ve taken to saying that our life is, “one big, long barbecue”. Usually we raid the massive amount of meat our guy roommates left when they moved out, but today we went gourmet. 

We had:

  • Fresh caught salmon straight from Alaska.
  • Fresh salad with herbs from our wee herb garden.
  • Homemade basil hummus with carrot sticks.
  • Homemade lemon pudding topped with fresh strawberries.

Everything was phenomenal. Making the pudding and hummus from scratch was well worth it. I can’t believe how easy both are to make, and the difference in taste from store bought is well worth the extra effort.

All four of us girls spent the entire afternoon eating, laughing and soaking up the sun on our beloved porch. I wish every day of my life could be so wonderful!


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this makes me so jealous. i’m going to university still too, and used to live with wonderful roommates but now i live with my aunt. who is also wonderful, but i miss the fun days of hanging out with my girl roommates!

Comment by nadine

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