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To the Future!
June 27, 2007, 5:52 pm
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A lot has happened in the past few weeks! I graduated college (with honors no less), moved out of my beloved yellow house, and moved back in to my parents house (temporarily I swear!). I am leaving for France in just three days, and I will be there for a month! I am so very excited, as this will be my first trip out of North America. After returning from France, I am moving down to San Francisco, to pursue a career in Software Engineering, and live with my college sweetheart. I am applying for jobs right now, and my future looks so bright!

When I was younger, I was scared of everything. I was scared to go anywhere and talk to anyone.  New experiences were far to frightening, and so I opted to stay home. That is why I became so crafty; I used it as a safe haven.  My, how things have changed! I don’t fear life anymore, and I am ‘chomping at the bit’ just waiting for new things to do and discover.

I feel that I owe this change within to my Alma Mater, my two best friends I made there, and my sweetie. They have inspired and encouraged me to really become the person I want to be.

PS. I’m still frantically trying to craft right now! I’m trying to finish my Light ‘n Lively before my trip:D


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congrats! have a terrific trip!

Comment by jessica

congratulations on graduating WITH HONORS! awesome. have a fabulous trip!

Comment by Jessica H.

Stumbled upon your site when I was googling for head band image. Nice blog you have here. Good luck with your new career and welcome to San Francisco !!!

Comment by Joey Rosario

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