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Pretty Puffs Slouchy Hat (with pattern!)
September 13, 2007, 4:13 pm
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Two-point-five weeks into my life in San Francisco, and I got a great job! I’m very excited to start, but I still have a few days left of ‘vacation’. I had fun the first week wandering around. I still love to explore, but I’ve had to limit myself, because I really haven’t any moola yet. With all these amazing shops around, no one in their right mind could resist, so I had to quarantine myself. To ease my ‘new stuff’ desire, I decided to make something new.

I made it with Lion Brand Cashmere Blend, which I got on sale for 60% off. I used about 1.5 skeins, so I might have enough left over to make a matching one for a Christmas present.

Slouchy Hat

Crocheted Slouchy Hat

Crocheted Slouchy Hat

Puffy Slouchy Hat
Bulky weight yarn, size K hook. For Worsted weight use a J hook

The numbers in the [] say how many stitches there should be.

Puff stitch: (YO, insert hook in next st, YO, pull up a loop) 4 times, YO, and draw through all loops on hook. (Here’s a video)

You do not have to join rounds, and this will create a spiral, and there will be no seam. Use a stitch marker if you do this, and keep the stitch count the same.

1: ch 4, 12 dc in first st, join in ch. (Just grab one loop from top of the chain. This makes the seam less visible, and this will make a circle.) [12]

2: ch 3, work 1 dc where chain is (in same st as join – ch3 counts as first dc), 2 dc in each stitch, join with sl st (remember, the ch counts as a st!). [24]

3: ch 3, work 1 dc where chain is, (work 1 dc, 2 dc in next stitch) around. Join. [36]

4: ch 3, work 1 dc where chain is, (work 1 dc in next 2 sts, 2 dc in next st) around. Join. [48]

5: ch3, work 1 dc where chain is, (work 1 dc in next 3 sts, 2 dc) around. Join. [60]

6: ch 3, 1 dc in each st around. Join. [60]

7: ch 3, 1 dc in each st around. Join. [60]

8: ch 3, 1 dc in each st around. Join. [60]

9: ch 3, puff st in same st as join, dc in next st, (puff in next st, dc in next
st) around. Join in top st of first puff. [60 sts: 30 puffs, 30 dc]

10: ch 1, (sc in top of puff, sc in next dc) around. Join. [60]
* It will look like you are skipping stitches here, but you aren’t. Just
remember, sc in top of puff, skip spot, and sc in top of dc post. Make sure you have 60 sts here!

11: same as row 9. [60 sts: 30 puffs, 30 dc]

12: sc around, same as row 10. [60]

13: same as row 9. [30 puffs, 30 dc]

14: sc around, same as row 10. [60]

15: ch 1, sc in each st around. [60]

16: ch 1, (sc in next 3 sts, dec over next 2 sts) around. Join. [48]

17: ch 1, sc in each st around. Join. [48]

18: same as row 17. [48]

19: same as row 17. [48]

20: same as row 17. [48]

21: ch 1, (slip st in next st, ch1, slip st in same st) around. Join in first sc.
Fasten off, weave in ends.

NOTE: As I mentioned in my original craftster post, I had intensely studied a pattern online. I don’t have a printer, so I tried to visualize it as a crochet chart. I have an insane memory, and graduated with a 3.98 GPA by only reading the texts the night before the tests. When I made this hat, I thought I was only being inspired, but I essentially recreated the hat. People have pointed it out, and I am very disappointed that I wasn’t being creative, I was just recalling it. SO, all accolades should go to the original author here: My sincere apologies. I know it’s hard to believe, but it wasn’t intentional at all. I posted this at craftster, but I never got around to posting it here. :/



Thanks so much for putting the pattern up! It’s really cute! I can’t wait to make one for everyone I can think of!

Comment by Bethany

I’ve never tried a hat before, but I’m so excited to see this pattern so I can try!

Comment by Meredith

Awesome chapeau! I’m not much of a crocheter, but you’ve got me thinking I should dust of the old hooks – thanks for the pattern!

Comment by Miss Muffy

It is a very beautiful hat! Thank you very much for the pattern. I can’t wait to make it.

Comment by Angie


I found your pattern through a link on Craftster. Thank you very much for sharing. I know its really time consuming writing out a pattern. I am looking forward to making your hat once I finished the current back pack and scarf and skull I am working on.

I’ll try to post your hat when I am done…might be a couple months away though.


Comment by Nikki

Thank you thank you thank you for posting the pattern. I am dying to try this out!!!

Comment by Michelle

Hey! I LOVE your hat, but I don’t understand the first part. I have crocheted hats before, and always use the “magical ring”. So what does, “do not join into the chain, but into the first real stitch”, mean? I am just confused, haha. Hope you can help! I’m looking forward to making this hat!

Comment by Jillian

Great pattern! thankyou for sharing I am off to make one now.

Comment by Jacqui

Okay, I’ve never ever crocheted before, but I know how. I don’t understand your pattern though! =[ Why does number one start with chain four!? And does the twelve mean we do twelve chain stitches or twelve double crochets?

Comment by Mary Kate

I saw this hat on Craftster, and I love it. I have been searching for a good slouchy hat pattern, and this is exactly what I had in mind so thank you for posting. Oh and I’m tagging you, check out my blog for details.

Comment by hunnybunny

Thanks for this lovely pattern. I finished one tonight and love it. I have a big head and it’s hard for me to find patterns that fit IT.

Comment by skydramini

Thank you so much for this pattern. Though there are some areas that I read I didn’t quite understand, I’m sure I can figure it out. This is going to be my first ever hat!! I’m so excited. Everyone I work with saw the hat and now they want one! I smell Christmas gifts… 🙂 I got this link from Craftster and as a fellow Craftster, I know how it is not to have money and/or yarn, so in honor of this beautiful hat pattern, I’d be so happy to send you yarn!! It’s a good trade! 🙂 You can PM me on Craftster!

Comment by spurtiic

Hey – I love this hat! I can’t wait to try one out as it is adorable. You are very pretty, BTW.

Comment by Miss Sassy

Me again.

I was wondering how open youwould be to this pattern being translated and taught in a class. You would, of course, be credited.
It’s all for non-profit and I could give you more details via e-mail. I can’t find your e-mail here, so please contact me if / when you have a chance.


Comment by skydramini

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This is sooo cute, i think you might just bring me out of my crochet hiatus to make one!! (I was on hiatus after making 5 large blankets in a row lol) Thanks for the pattern!

Comment by Justine

You are gorgeous. I love the hat. I hope I get a chance to make one, because I’ve been looking for something like this for a while. 🙂

Comment by futuregirl

I found this through my Craft Daily mailing. Thank you so much for posting this along with the pattern! It’s insanely cute.

Comment by May

A beautiful hat on a beautiful lady! Excellent instructions, thanks for taking the time to share!

– Chutzpah!

Comment by Chutzpah!

The hat was secondary. I was first struck by how beautiful you are. Thanks.

Comment by Bryan

I know…isn’t she gorgeous?! I just hope that isn’t why the hat looks so good! Ha ha or else it’ll be the ugliest thing on me! 🙂 Anyway, I am making this while I’m at work..”working hard.” So far it’s pretty easy… I haven’t made it to the puffy area, but I’m really close (2 rows away). People keep coming in my office to pet it… crazy coworkers. It’s going fast though…I spent about 20 mins on it thus far. Thanks, again, for the pattern!

Comment by spurtiic

Ohh too cute! Thanks for sharing!

Comment by Deneen

Thanks so much! I’m definitely going to make this – you look beautiful in it!

Comment by Katie

Hi! I love this hat and because I love it so much I am sharing it on

Thank you so much for sharing it with us. You get full credit and a link back to your blog.

Comment by Hanane

great design! and thank you for posting the pattern.

Congratulations on your new job. hope it’s all you want it to be.

Comment by j

This is fabulous!! I am going to make my mom’s birthday presents with this pattern now… thank you!

Comment by Kristin Rose

I love your pattern! It went SO quick….fits perfect. It’s adorable. Planning on making at least one more for my daughter…ThANK YOU!

Comment by tabatha

I made the hat!!! I love it! Thank you so much for sharing the pattern. I am glad to have found your blog and will be back often. I hope your new job is going well! It’s not easy being new.
Thanks again! 🙂

Comment by Rachel

I absolutely love the pattern! I made one today and it was a great distraction from studying. Thank-you so much for posting it! I found it through Craft’s blog as many others have. Happy Hooking!

Comment by Becky

I just posted about the hat I made from your pattern. I love it!

Comment by futuregirl

I just passed trough the blob of Futuregirl. And when i saw the hat that she made, i had to come here to tell you congrats, what a great work 😉

Comment by Cristina

Thank you for sharing this! It is so precious. I can’t wait to try it!

Comment by Diana

Made this hat last night and it turned out beautiful. I had no problem following the pattern. Thank you for sharing.

Comment by Rita Hughett

You are so pretty, you make the hat look even better 🙂

Comment by mimi goodwin

i love this hat! looks like the perfect thing for my commute on BART, as the afghan i’m working on has now become far too big for a single seat. welcome to the city!

Comment by rachel

Love the hat! I made it over the weekend in a nice doark grey cashmire blend yarn. My daughter (who usually never wears a hat) stole it and wore it to school yesterday. She came home with a few requests from a few of her girlfriends. So I suppose they would make great gifts for Christmas.

Thanks for the pattern!

Comment by amanda

I love this. Yesterday I bought all the stuff I need for it. I a really excited to get started. Thanks for the inspiration.

Comment by Nicole

[…] as I was watching American Next Top Model, I decided to start my slouchy hat. I got the pattern from Jessica at Crafty Pants. The pattern is so easy to follow (she has awesome tips that really help beginners like me), but I […]

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I love this hat! I have wanted to learn to crochet for a very long time-this has pushed me over the edge. 🙂

Since I am still of a newbie at this, when you write “1: ch 4, 12 dc in first st, join in first dc. (this will make a circle) [12]” does that mean I should have went back through my chain row and added a single crochet? This may seem like a very stupid question, but…

Thanks again

Comment by Regina

[…] This hat was so pretty that I just had to make it. […]

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I have a question about row 3

It Says 3: ch 3, (work 2 dc, 1dc in next stitch) around. join in first dc. [36]
*note, remember to work first stitches in same stitch as join

Do I work 2 DC in one stitch then next stitch do 1 DC then chain 3?

Comment by Renee

my mom made me one – thanks! i just posted it.

Comment by kirsten

Thanks for sharing, please let me know where i can find the yarn at a 60% off.

Thanks again.


Comment by GISELAINE

Thanks so much for posting this pattern. I made one from Cascade 220 yarn the other day and love it. I posted it on flickr ( Cosy!

Comment by alice

i’ve made two of these hats so far (one for me, one for a gift) and i can’t tell you how many compliments i’ve gotten on them! i’ve had several requests to make one. thank you for the pattern!

renee, to answer your question (in case you haven’t gotten the answer), you work 2 dc in the first stitch, then 1 dc in the second stitch, 2 dc in the next stitch, 1 dc in the stitch after that, and so on. don’t ch 3 in between, only at the beginning of the row.

Comment by rachel

This is a beautiful hat! And a lovely color! Thanks so much for sharing!

Comment by Ann

I’m sort of a newbie at this whole crochet thing. Could you explain the terminology you use in the pattern?

Comment by ~keri~

Thanks for sharing. You may have woken the crafty up in these pants. I made one for my MIL for her birthday. Like me she doesn’t really like hats but I think this pattern works for us both. Nice find. Happy Crafting.

Comment by Liz

Hey! I LOVE your hat (you are so beautiful, too!) and I am currently making it right now. I’m running into a wall though here because I don’t understand what you mean by “dec over next 2 sts” in Row 16. Do you mean to skip the two sts and sc into the 3rd st from the current one I am at? Or do you mean to skip one st and sc into the 2nd st from the current on and then do it againn (thus, dec twice). Does that make sense? I hope it does! I get so confused when I try to follow a pattern, but yours is written very well, and I am just having trouble with this stupid little thing! My AIM is Frozenboogereatr if it would be possible for you to help me. Of course, you have already done all of us a tremendous favour by sharing your creation with us. It’s so lovely!

~ Joa ♥

Comment by Joa

Such a beautiful hat thankyou for sharing pattern cant wait to make it .

Comment by scotkat

First of all thank you for sharing this beautiful crocheted hat with all of us.
I have a coment. I think is a mistake in the pattern, in the 4th row when you said it will be 48 at the end, it is actually 54 because you are adding for each 2 stichets 1 more, so if you have 36 next row you will have 54 (36+(36/2)) = 54 and so on.
The make it clear and the 2nd row you had 24 , so by adding for 2 stichtches one more you will have 36 wich you have it correct! (24+ half of 24 which is 12) = 36. Same thing should happens in the next row.

If I am writting instruccion incorrectly please let me know!!! I love the designe anymay and I made one considering that change and it looks beautiful
Thank you

Comment by Jessica

Never mind. The pattern is correct!! I got a little confused, sorry if I confused someone. Isnt this a beautiful hat?
Hope you enjoy doing it ofr yourself as I did.
Take care everybody

Comment by Jessica

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Love this hat but I am having the same problem as Jessica I don’t know what “dec over next 2 sts” in Row 16 means. I am usually pretty good and figuring out stitches but this one has me stumped. Someone please help!

Comment by Dhultz

Sorry my problem is not the same as Jessica’s it’s the same as Joa’s in row 16.

Comment by dhultz

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What was your gauge for this pattern? I have a big head so I’ll probably have to tweak it a little to fit. thx!

Comment by Bramble

Hey – I’ve made about 3 of these hats already, all with different types of wool, and I have to say that I’m absolutely thrilled with the result!
The pattern is simple and straightforward and the hat itself is comfortable, warm, and very stylish.

Thanks so much for your awesome website and patterns! It’s greatlet appreciated.


Comment by Ren

Hey! i just made this hat with yarm i found at 50% off which was slammin…apparently i have a huge head because i had to weave a string through to tighten it like a drawstring but that eliminated my problem and it made it even slouchier so i look like a total hippy! hehe! I have gotten many compliments and many “you made that?!” ‘s and it was an easy first hat.

FOR THOSE OF YOU CONFUSED! i found this GREAT site that explains things and has video tutorials. is the link.

Thanks for the pattern mate!

Comment by Julie

Just kidding, i mean i have a super SMALL head! it was way too big. fell over my eyes.

Comment by Julie

I made this hat on last weekend, thanks a lot!

Comment by Hetong

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Hello. I wanted to thank you for this pattern. It was so much fun and so easy. A few quick questions tho, what size is the yarn and hook you used? I always use red heart to start for a practice and the hat fits me just fine but I only needed a size ‘I’ hook and I apparently have a small head because it doesn’t fit anyone else. The other question I have is, does lion brand make that cashmere blend anymore? I haven’t been able to find it at JoAnn’s. Meanwhile, thank you again for the pattern. I have found it tons of fun. I found you on Stitchbook through Facebook if anyone is curious. I was really pleased to have a more feminine pattern as well as more patterns in general available to me. Thank you! And that other lady is right, you do look very pretty in that hat. I wish I wore mine as well as you do yours.

Comment by Chelsea

Hello again, I looked up the yarn you used on Joann’s and I found out that it takes a size I hook so apparantly it’s just that my stitches are small. I’ll try to loosen them up some. I tend to get too tight every now and then. 🙂

Comment by Chelsea

I just finished making this hat a few days ago, and I LOVE it and have had so many compliments on it. I’ve already started another one in black. Thank you so much for this great pattern! 🙂

Comment by Kaci

Wow, as pretty as you are, I can see why you got a job so quickly!! Very best wishes to you for awesome success in this job or in getting one down the road that you like better/bestest!!
And thanks bunches for sharing your keen hat pattern with us =).

Happy Holidays – Happy Hookin’ – Louise

Comment by Louise

Lovely hat but I’m puzzled (must be doing something wrong). The band in your picture looks like a mesh pattern, but mine looks dense – it’s obviously not sc in each stitch, but what should I be doing? Is it mesh-like in the rows between the puff rows too? Definitely doing something wrong here!

Comment by Tracy

can you help explain row 4 and I can not seem to end up with 48? 2 dc and 1 dc 2 sts?

Comment by Ellen

This is the first thing I have ever crocheted after learning how to crochet properly, and I love it! I just made one for my roommate, too. If I had started first thing in the morning, I probably could have made two more, lol. This pattern is fantastic, and it’s so adorable.

Comment by Shteffi

Thanks so much for this pattern! I just finished making it in grey, and it turned out perfectly! 🙂

Comment by Erin

Hello, I don’t mean to be a snitch, but it’s happened to me before and bothered me. I thought you would like to know that someone named arynthefox on Live Journal is selling hats made by your pattern. here is the link:

Comment by Anonymous

I have no problems with people selling hats made from this pattern, but I would love a link back. Have fun keeping your ears warm!

Comment by CraftyPants

this hat is so quick and easy, and it makes great gifts for my friends!
and the pattern is so easy to follow.
thank you so much for this awesomeawesomeawesome hat pattern

Comment by madeline

thanks for a great pattern , i ‘ve made 5 for relatives, but i did switch to a smaller hook, ” happy holidays!”

Comment by Deb

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Wow! what an adorable pattern! I am going to attempt to make it over christmas break. Thanks so much for sharing. Oh and you should visit haight st. and go to chipotle and get a delicious burrito lol. That’s what i always do when i visit my dad in San fran =)

Comment by Taraneh

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When I say I love this hat it’s saying a lot because I’m really not a hat fan. I’m going to make this one though! Thanks for sharing your pattern!

Comment by Kim

hey girl,

thanks for the pattern. if you made this yourself, you’re freaking brilliant, and thanks so much for the share. I made one the other day, it was simple to make, quick, fun, turned out perfectly, and i applaud you for everything. I’m a new crocheter, and this taught me a lot….keep on keepin on, (and other very generic but genuine) comments… 😉 I look forward to more…

thanks and word up,

Comment by Kate

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