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How I Began My Morning
September 25, 2007, 3:00 pm
Filed under: Personal

I would like to tell you how I managed to begin my morning yesterday with a BANG. I was a little slow that morning (again) and I got out the door by 8:30am. I decided to go a little more casual and wore my skinny jeans and new flat boots. I thought that the boots would be easier on my feet when walking down the hill, and a little less noisy in the office. I’m already tired of people peering their heads out their offices as I go CLUNK CLUNK down the hall. With tea and my direct deposit form in one hand and my purse on the other, I speedily walked down the hill to work. I bypassed my usual tripping spots because I didn’t have a heel to get stuck. Feeling safe, I picked up the pace and stepped hastily onto one of those yellow metal “textured” plates that are supposed to prevent slipping. In my case, it acted as a slick surface to my shiny new boots and my feet shot right out from under me. I didn’t just stumble, I fell FLAT ON MY REAR. I spilled tea all over my arm and direct deposit form.

I hastily stood up, checked myself for damage and quickly moved on, hoping to God no one saw me. I passed a woman in her car with a look of shock and pity. I just shrugged my shoulders as to say, “hey, it happens!” I really wasn’t embarrassed for some reason. Life is too good right now for a little spill to keep me down. But it was a bit embarrassing to hand a wet and crumpled form to the HR lady…

Hope you day is a little less eventful!


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hope you weren’t burned by the tea.

and the day could only get better from there…

Comment by j

At least you recovered gracefully 🙂

Comment by Jessica

Ah glad you have such a positive outlook. But I’d take your day anytime over the crappy week I’ve been having =(

Comment by Rain

Oh, a fall takes so much out of you. It is so unexpected. You fall, you’re shocked for a brief period. You rejoice at the fact that nothing seems to be damaged! You’re embarrassed thinking about how you looked as you committed such an ungraceful act. It’s happened to all of us!!! I’m glad you didn’t injure anything.

Comment by Barbara

falling is just the sidewalk’s way of catching up with you…..I should know, I do it all the time…………….hahahahaha

Comment by yarnigras

i love your slouch hat pattern…i’m commenting here because i couldn’t leave a comment on that original post. i made the hat and gave it to my sister who loves it. i’m linking your website and pattern from my site


Comment by m

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