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Whoooo Hid My Cotton Puffs?
February 8, 2008, 5:00 pm
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What secret is he hiding, sitting there on the edge of the cabinet?

Why, he’s hiding my cotton pads! I was looking for those!
Say Ahhhhhh!

I diligently use a toner every night, and I have been keeping my cotton puffs/pads in their original bag, in the bathroom cabinet. The only problem with this is that the bag is oddly shaped, and it is a bit annoying having to repeatedly open and re-seal it every night and morning. So, I experimented and made myself a cotton pad holder. The yarn was way too soft and thin, so I had to starch him with white glue. I also crocheted some wire circles to the edges to keep him nice and round. I’m thinking I want to make another go at him, but with thicker yarn so that he wouldn’t need starching or wire. I also plan on making a matching stump Q-tip holder…
Him in Half


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You could probably make one from wool and felt him! Then he would be nice and thick and solid. He’s adorable. My daughter Hannah would probably love him. She is a cotton pad addict too. -)

Comment by Amanda

sooooo cute.

Comment by val

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Oh he’s so cute! What a great idea!

Comment by Zuleika

That is made of cuteness. Oy, the cuteness, it buuuuurns!

-Angela (from Ravelry)

Comment by Angela

I love it!
would you be willing to post a pattern?

Comment by Sarah

Hi! I’m working on your beautiful slouchy hat now, and while reading your blog, saw your post on this, you mentioned toner, and I was wondering which one you use because your complexion is flawless! I was just about to buy the glycolic toner from Proactive’s line, but was curious….thanks a lot! Now I gotta get back to my hat…!

Comment by christina ledward

That owl is just too too too cute!

Comment by Christy

I loved this and mentioned about it in Turkish in my blog,
thank you a lot.

Comment by moonless

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