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RRRRobot RRRRadiator!
July 20, 2009, 6:06 pm
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Robot, yo.

Right when we moved into our apartment, I was really annoyed by our huge, clunky heater. It made arranging furniture really difficult, and was just an eyesore. So, I decided to turn an eyesore into a piece of art!
I had ZERO craft supplies, so it is a box the router came in, some metal bits found on the ground, a black piece of paper, and a white wire hanger.

I love seeing him every day, and he does quite a good job at keeping me warm. When my best friend/excellent interior decorator finally saw my apartment, she took one look at my robot, and said, “That is such a Jessica thing to do. Only you…” While laughing and shaking her head. What can I say, I like home decor that makes me laugh!


Morton “Patchy” Minibear
July 18, 2009, 6:01 pm
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Morton lost his eye in a freak embroidery accident, so DON’T CALL HIM A PIRATE!! (It is a sensitive subject for him).

I used this pattern. I couldn’t get his right eye to look decent, and I tried so many times he was left with a mangled mess where his eye should be. Finally, I said "screw it", and crocheted him an eye patch with the embroidery thread. I quite like the way he turned out:)



<3 <3 <3
July 16, 2009, 3:19 pm
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Crochet Heart Necklace 

I made this necklace using this necklace pattern. The heart is from here. I decided to use a heart instead of the flower. I love it! Although, it is really difficult to keep straight, because the weight of the heart makes it fall to the center. I’m thinking of ways to add a counter weight, something invisible, because I like it exactly as it is.

Gary’s Cousin Stopped by…
July 2, 2009, 3:46 pm
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So I’m not usually one to pay for things, such as crochet patterns, or easy DIY projects. My take, is that it will encourage me to actually try and make something on my own, improving my creativity. However, there are some thing just TOO cute, and too difficult to make on my own. Such as the Signature Escargot from GourmetAmigurumi. I’ve been admiring her snails for a long time, and she finally put the pattern up in her shop!!

So, I fought my ‘anti-spending inner voice’ and bought the pattern. I am SO happy I did. It is extremely well written and easy to follow, and the end result was cute as a button. Or a snail, really.

New York Noro Plaid
January 26, 2009, 2:38 pm
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Noro Plaid Scarf MMMmmm, Noro. I love the colors of this yarn, but I’m a bit disappointed with the feel of it. I guess since I’m very allergic to wool, no wool yarn will ever feel yummy to me.

I originally bought this skein of yarn for the wavelength, but it was just taking me too long. The thing kept twisting severely, and every row I’d have to spend 5 minutes straightening it. Luckily, I found I way to both show off the lovely colors, and also use nearly 100% of the skein! Basically, I capitalized on the natural gradients of the noro, and made a sort of ‘plaid’. The results are easy and beautiful!

Here is the super simple pattern, sized so it uses as much of the skein as safely possible:

Noro Plaid Scarf

1 skein Noro Kureyon Sock

Size f crochet hook

Finished measurements: approx 7 in. x 51 in.

Row 1: ch 43

Row 2: dc 2nd ch from hook. *ch 1, skip next st, dc 1* repeat across

Row 3: ch 4 (this counts as first dc and ch). *dc 1, skip next st, ch 1* repeat across
(Basically, you are making a dc mesh, like in filet crochet)

Repeat rows 2 and 3 just row 3 (thanks emy!) until the scarf reaches about 51 inches long.

Now, there are many ways you can do the vertical weaving. I chose to make long chains, to keep the integrity of the gradient, but you could replace the chains with 2 or 3 stands of yarn. It is your choice whether you want fringe, but remember, this scarf uses most of the skein, so keep that decision until the end.

If you are weaving in chains here are some options:

  • Chain one super long chain, and wind into a ball to use, cutting the length as you go
  • Chain single lengths and make them as you need them
  • Chain double lengths and weave both ends, so you have two less ends to weave in

Basically, take the chains or strands of yarn, and weave them in and out of the mesh boxes, lengthwise. Make sure to alternate the starting direction for each column. Secure the ends of the chains by making a knot, and weave in the loose ends of the chain back into itself.

This all sounds much more complicated than it actually is! Here are some more pictures. NOTE: These pictures are of the unblocked scarf! I will try to replace them with better quality ones when I get a chance.

Noro Plaid Scarf

Noro Plaid Scarf

Where I wonder if I’ll ever feel warm again
January 17, 2009, 12:44 pm
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Knit + Crochet hat

Wearing a hat helps 🙂

I first knit the hat using the green knifty knitter. To reduce bulkiness at the top, I switched from in the round to flat panel knitting, and knit four triangles at the top. I then seamed the triangles together to make a smooth, rounded top.

I then crocheted 2 sc stitched per each loop on the bottom, and then added another row of sc. Finally, I winged a brim, of which I’ll never be able to re-produce 😛

The “buttons” are actually these seed pods I’ve been collecting from around San Francisco. I cleaned them, sanded the bottoms down, and dremeled a hole through the sides. I wish I had better pictures, but all I have so far are from my NY trip. It was COLD and WINDY there!

Knit + crochet Hat

Ripple, ripple, ripple, and so on
January 15, 2009, 12:28 pm
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Well, my ripple blanket is coming along nicely! I know I’m pretty late to the game, but even if I started during the “ripple craze,” I still wouldn’t be finished by now:P I’m using the Soft Waves pattern by Jan Eaton, and it is definitely my favorite ripple pattern I’ve seen yet.

So far, my ripple is about 25% finished. I want it to be around 6 feet long, so I can cover my legs and feet, unlike some throws I have.

Ripple Blanket Progress

Ali just HAD to get in on the photo shoot…  Ripple Blanket ProgressRipple Blanket Progress

The colors are inspired from a vintage coaster set that my mom gave me when I moved into my first apartment (this one). When buying the yarn, I brought the coasters to the yarn store, and spent about 2 hours trying to find the perfect match 😛  I’m using mostly Vanna’s Choice, but also Simply Soft. This blanket is so fun to make!