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I’ve Moved!
February 13, 2012, 2:33 pm
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I’ve moved to a new blog, and haven’t updated this one in years. See me over at Make it (Messy)!


June 22, 2009, 11:51 am
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What is on my desk at work:)

Homemade Liquid Soap and Cleaner Review
May 24, 2009, 1:41 pm
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Well, I’ve finally tried all three recipes from my previous post. I thought it might be helpful for other people curious about home-made cleaners if I wrote a little about my experience. Let’s start off with the home-made all-purpose cleaner:

Vanilla & Cloves All-Purpose cleaner :

I used this recipe, but with equal parts water a vinegar. I thought the cloves and vanilla would help mask the vinegar smell, but it was barely noticeable. What was actually more effective was simply leaving some cloves and cinnamon sticks in the spray bottle, so the essential oils are extracted as I use it. I also added about half a lemon’s worth of lemon juice, and that also helped with the smell, and increased the cleaning power.

Conclusion: Nothing will hide the smell of vinegar, but the cleaner itself is extremely effective, non-toxic, better for the environment, and cheap.

My Grade: B-

Salt Packed Citrus Shells: DIY Air Freshener :

I used the leftover citrus shell from juicing the lemons for the cleaner. To be honest, my fridge didn’t really stick to begin with, so I’m not sure how effective it was. I love the smell of lemon, so it was nice getting a hint of lemon each time I opened the fridge door.

My Grade: B

Make liquid soap from a bar of soap :

OK, this one was quite interesting. First, let me tell you how I made mine:

I used this recipe, and the ratios are dead on. Basically, use 1oz soap  to 4 cups water. An average bar of soap is 4oz. I recommend trying only 1/2 or 1/4 bar, just in case this soap isn’t for you.

What I added:

  • Brewed lemongrass green tea for the water
    • Barely added any scent, even though the tea was quite pungent. The soap’s smell overpowered everything.
    • Green tea is great for the skin, so I’m hoping my gourmet tea went to good use, but who knows!
  • Olive Oil
    • I added about 2 Tbs per 4 cups of water. That actually might have been too much, so I’d only add 1Tbs, and increase it if it’s not too moisturizing.

Ideas for other additions:

  • Any other oil that you like using on your skin
  • any other tea
  • brewed espresso for a yummy smell
  • finely ground oatmeal, for extra moisturizing power.
  • salt, sugar or finely ground walnut shells, for the scrubbing power

My Assessment:

  • Smell: The soap smelled pretty much like the bar soap I used. Make sure to use a bar soap that you love, and you’ll be happy with the end result.
  • Texture: OK, I’m going to be honest here. This stuff has the texture of SNOT. That, or The Blob, from the 1950’s movie. Seriously, this stuff is slimy, icky, gooey. Nothing like gel soaps you buy in stores. I think kids will love this texture:P And really, you foam it up, and it’s exactly like any soap, so the texture should not be a huge deal breaker. I read that most commercial soaps (like the one I used) contain hardeners, so that might be a big contributor to the texture. Try it with a natural, handmade soap, and it might be better.
  • Effectiveness: For one thing, this soap does not have the dreaded Sodium laureth sulfate, so no matter what, it will not get as foamy as commercial liquid soap. Also, I think the excess olive oil that I added reduced the foaminess. That being said, it is still an effective cleaner, and works great with a puff or washcloth.
  • Skin Issues: I was actually pretty wary about using this, because I have extremely sensitive skin. Well, it was no different that using the bar soap, but had the added benefit of the olive oil. Again, use a bar soap that you love, and you’ll love the liquid version of it.

Conclusion: Use a bar of soap that you love, and you’ll be happy with the liquid version. I unfortunately was not a fan of the soap to begin with, so it was only mildly improved. My boyfriend is squeamish, and the mucus-like texture turned him off from the soap (he’s a total wuss :P).

My Grade: A-

50 Things in 2007
April 30, 2007, 4:52 pm
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mmmfruit has a absolutely wonderful idea: Make 50 things in 2007.

I’m a very slow crafter, but I think this is a goal I can accomplish. Especially if I count each blankie square as a project! That would bring me up to a total of…. 7 things? Yikes, I better get cracking.

Here is my list so far:

Only 43 more to go…

Annie’s Attic – “Nip” the Mouse
February 20, 2007, 10:41 pm
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Quick! Head over to Annie’s Attic for a darling mouse pattern!:
Annie’s Attic – “Nip” the MousePattern’s

gone, but you can find it over at in the ‘Crochet Toys’ section.  You have to register, but it does have quite a few of the Annie’s Attic patterns that you can download.

Crafty Book Suggestions?
February 17, 2007, 8:29 pm
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I just got a gift card to, and I am pretty overwhelmed with my options. I own everything I need, so the purchase is purely frivolous. Any suggestions for your favorite hip crafty book, magazine or product?